Internet Business Ideas – Turn Your Hobby Into an Online Business

When brainstorming Internet business ideas a few years ago, I found that many hobbies can be turned into an online business. I turned my favorite puzzle into a profitable website, ranking in the top one percent of all websites for traffic according to Alexa.

An out of work friend of mine recently asked me how he could earn money from a home based business. I suggested that he turn his hobby, or something in which he has a lot of interest, into a profitable website.

I told him about a young teenager that earns over $4,000 per month writing about her favorite vacation spot. Another young father built a website around birthday parties for children. He earned over $2,000 per month in only six months. Today he owns five websites that pay him over $10,000 per month.

In all of the cases above these individuals wrote about their hobby or interest. They found a niche, and created a website about that niche. They monetized their websites with Google AdSense and sold related products through affiliate marketing.

Steps To Turn Your Internet Business Ideas Into Profit

To turn your Internet business ideas into a profitable website, you need to follow these steps:

Brainstorm Your Niche

The first step is to brainstorm your Internet business ideas. You are looking for keywords (the search terms people use to find your niche website) that have sufficient interest, yet little competition.

If you intend to monetize your website with Google AdSense, you need to be sure there are also enough advertisers who bid for your keywords to sell their products or services.

Build Content

Create a website by writing one page about each profitable keyword. Use search engine optimization to create a search engine friendly page. Most importantly, write to over deliver content that your visitor is seeking.

Build Traffic

Once you have thirty pages of real content, you should begin to build back links to your website. This will boost your page rankings in the search engines and increase organic traffic to your website. You can post articles in related blogs to your niche, write articles for article directories, and get listings in online directories to build links and traffic.

Pre-sell Your Visitors

People do not like to be sold. People prefer to be informed. Write helpful articles that deliver what your website visitor is seeking. Use short active sentences and every day language to convey your message. This makes your visitor comfortable and they will begin to trust you. People who trust you are more willing to buy from you or follow your recommendations.

Build relationships with your visitors. Publish a monthly newsletter to keep in contact with your website visitors.

Monetize Your Traffic

Begin monetizing your Internet business ideas only when you have at least fifty unique visitors coming to your website daily. You can join Google AdSense for passive income.

You can also sell related products to your niche. Either create your own product or sell someone elses‘ product. Look into affiliate marketing programs for products that are sold on commission.

Yes, you can turn your hobby or interest into a profitable online business. Search for Internet business ideas that interest you or that you are willing to learn about. Then create a website that delivers useful information that people are searching for. Build traffic and then monetize that traffic. Many of the top websites follow this route to success. I did. You can too.